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Challenges, investments and a continued vision for the future!

Challenges, investments and a continued vision for the future! There goes another unusual spring! While 2020 was a year of constant uncertainty, 2021 has brought several different kinds of challenges with it. At Nominit, after introducing tight restrictions, we managed quite well regarding sick leave. In connection with removing the restrictions, we’re now slowly but…
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Ulf, VD på Nominit

Three quick questions about sustainability with Ulf

Three quick questions about sustainability with Ulf In the autumn, we’re hoping to – and believe we will – be exhibiting again at Elmia Subcontractor for real! While the trade fair is on, we’ll be taking advantage of the opportunity to present our range and also to highlight our focus on sustainability. This spring, our…
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Tykoflex produkt nominit


Nominit and Tykoflex, working in partnership, ensure that sensitive fibre cables are protected, even in the toughest of conditions and environments. Do you also need fastening elements with high quality standards? The T240 Joint Closure from Tykoflex is one part of a modular system of lockable closures, manufactured in acid-proof, stainless steel, with the task…
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Now we are back after a well-deserved time off!

Now we are back after a well-deserved time off! We at NOMINIT are prepared and ready for autumn. An autumn of which we do not really know how it will turn out, and for which the forecasts vary. The pandemic still feels very present, and of course it affects the outside world and the economy.…
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Have a nice summer!

Have a nice summer! After a dark and rainy winter, we were ready for a sunny and warm spring – but then came corona. The pandemic has been and still is a challenging time for businesses, employees, their relatives and families. Our thoughts go out to all those who are affected by the situation we are…
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Kallformade detaljer toppbild till annons

Leave the manufacturing of fasteners to us

NOMINIT is a supplier of cold-formed components and associated turned and machined parts that customers with high standards consistently choose when they are looking for a long-term partner. We work actively to create new types of products and we manufacture components that are increasingly required in emerging sectors. The global ambition to reduce the number…
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Sponsorbild för Eddie


WE SPONSOR EDDIE! We have mentioned before that we are happy to sponsor local sports, especially to young people. We want to introduce Eddie. Eddie, like so many others, began his racing career in a go-kart. Eddie won the Smaland Championship 2015,2016 and 2017 in the go-cart class Micro! He also won the following year…
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Gängmaskin i Nominits produktion


NEW THREAD MACHINE! We told you earlier that we have bought a new cold forming machine. We have also purchased a threading machine for external threading.

Lennart på Nominit

Lennart – New machine operator

Lennart – New machine operator Hi Lennart! You are a new machine operator at NOMINIT AB, what are you doing? -For the moment I’m controlling parts that my colleague has produced. Among other things, we machine operators check each other’s parts. Interesting! What is your area of ​​work? – I set up and run the…
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kallformningsmaskin Nominit


NEW COLD-FORMING MACHINE In order to meet higher demand, we have invested in a new cold-forming machine. The machine was installed in August and will be a good addition to our capacity.

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