Lennart – New machine operator

Lennart - New machine operator

Hi Lennart! You are a new machine operator at NOMINIT AB, what are you doing? -For the moment I’m controlling parts that my colleague has produced. Among other things, we machine operators check each other's parts.

Interesting! What is your area of ​​work? - I set up and run the "smallest" machines that produces the smallest parts in our factory. I make sure that the machines produce as many parts per minute as possible.

Sounds like a tricky job. If so, do you relax in your spare time in that case? -I can't say that, then I'm fixing vintage cars. Have some at home.

Oh really? You make sure machines work even in your spare time? - Yes, right now I'm working on a PV-57, it's ready in a few years. My two sons are 19 and 17… so they are ready. 😃

It sounds like overtime in my ears. -No, it’s pure and simple love to keep up with, and I have good use of my mechanical knowledge from car engines with me here at work. I have also worked in hydraulics before.

Sounds perfect. Good luck with the PV !! - Thanks so much!

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