The bulk of our turnover today consists of components manufactured according to customers' drawings. Key advantages of the cold-forming method are short cycle times and efficient use of materials. This gives us a competitive advantage over other manufacturing methods.


We manufacture rivets in a wide range of dimensions and designs.Standard rivets are part of our range, but non-standard and custom rivets make up the largest share of production. We manufacture products in steel, aluminium, brass, copper and stainless steel, all in a wide range of alloys. Naturally, we also take care of hardening and surface finishing.


Nominit today offers, in addition to what we manufacture in our factory in Värnamo, a complementary range that we source from strategically selected partners primarily located in Europe. These are parts that will enable us to expand our offering to our customers. Usually it's a range of dimensions that we can not handle, or a kind of process that we do not apply.