You probably have
1000 things you need to solve.
We make sure fasteners
are not one of them.

We hold your project together

We hold your project together so you
can invest your time into other things

Essentially, our offering is about finding the most cost-effective manufacturing method for fasteners that meets our customers’ needs. We make things simple, guiding our customers to make sure things are as efficient as possible. Characteristics of cold-forming technology are short cycle times and high utilisation of materials. This gives us a head start in comparison with other manufacturing methods. The process is done by shaping a detail out of wire using tools, usually in several steps. It’s a fast method of manufacturing that offers several advantages, including high quality and cost efficiency.

We always take great responsibility in relation to our customers, optimising the manufacturing process and finding the best solution, from design to delivery.

Need help with a product or wondering what the best way to manufacture it is?
Get in touch and we’ll help you to develop the most cost-effective solution!
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