Hi Anneli! Who are you? Anneli. 52. Värnamo. Family with three children. I started last December here at Nominit. Before that I have run my own cleaning company for 16 years.

16 years? Then you have everything in order I can imagine. How did you find Nominit? - Nominit contacted me 😃

Perfect! What kind of work do you do? - You can say I'm the link between production and warehouse. I anneal, drum and scribble parts before sending them to our warehouse for packing. It’s full speed!

Full speed? What does that mean? - It goes throw A LOT of parts every day, mostly for the automotive industry. 15,000 pieces go there and 200,000 go there, so it goes on. My work really suites me.

Nice! How do you spend your free time? -A lot of time I’m spending in my garden, where I grow tomatoes, strawberries and blueberries. My dog –Texas- needs to go for walks, sometimes even with my husband's dog Molle.

Sounds cozy. Thanks for the chat. - Thanks so much!

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